Workshop with Thomas Richards in Hong Kong

Conducted by the Workcenter’s Artistic Director Thomas Richards, this seven day Master Class will introduce the basic principles of the Workcenter’s praxis. Embodying the essence of Art as vehicle, the Master Class will uncover the creative potentialities of each participant through work on the relation between precision and organicity, tradition and individual work. The practical work will focus as well on action, movement, rhythm, singing, and the living voice. Participants will enter into contact with a specific approach to voice, impulse and action which has been at the heart of the Workcenter’s research for the last thirty years; an approach that explores the potential impact that the melodic and rhythmical qualities of a given song can have on the person who sings.

Each accepted participant will prepare an acting proposition prior to the start of the class. The proposition should not be longer than three minutes and be based upon either a song or a text. It should be repeatable, with a beginning, a development, and an ending, like a short performance. It will be further developed under the guidance of Mr. Richards and his assistants throughout the Master Class and presented on the last day.

Dates: July 6th to July 13th, 2017 (7 days in total with a day-off on July 10th)
Time: 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Koshan Theatre New Wing Function Room

Medium of instruction: English

Tuition fee: HKD 4,800*
Deadline for applications: June 1st 2017
* Interested applicants with financial hardship may apply for fee reduction. Please contact the studio staff as quickly as possible as assessment takes time.

查詢 Enquiries:
T 2144 5335 | E info@tswtheatre.com

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