Workcenter Four Week Master Course in Pontedera, Italy

From Monday, 15 January 2018

To Friday, 9 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the third edition of our Four Week Master Course, led by Thomas Richards. The Master Course this year will take place between January 15th  and February 9th in Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy. The Master Course provides an opening to artists to study at the Workcenter for an extended period of time.  However, participants may take part for varying durations: either for the full four weeks, for three weeks, two weeks, or one.

This Master Course is an exceptional opportunity for actors, directors and individuals interested in advancing in their practical knowledge of the performing arts. The Master Course will strive to unearth each participant’s unique potentialities and help them to refine, through persistent and dedicated work, the creative proposals brought by each participant into the Master Course. Focus will be given to work on the relations between precision and organicity, tradition and individual work, ritual and drama, concentrating as well on directing capacities, montage techniques, dramaturgical elaboration, as well as physical training. Participants will also take part in sessions dedicated to work on songs of tradition coming from African and Afro-Caribbean traditions, and thus explore an approach to work on song and action that has been developing at the Workcenter for thirty years.

Due to popular demand, we suggest that interested individuals apply as soon as possible to ensure a place.

Fees for participation are:

4 weeks: 1700 euros
3 weeks: 1350 euros
2 weeks: 960 euros
1 week: 480 euros

If you are interested in participating please send a C.V. and letter of motivation to: mastercourse@theworkcenter.org

Please specify in your letter of motivation which weeks you would like to participate in the Master Course.