December, 2017

Open Program in Vienna, Austria


Dear friends,

The Workcenter is coming back to Austria to reconnect with our friends of .ditiramb and launch Encounters III in the city of Vienna.
Mario Biagini and the members of the Open Program will be in the city for a series of events from the 12th to the 15th of December 2017.

For a start, we would like to invite you to the opening event – A Photo Exhibition – on the 11th of December at 6pm at Zigutamve-Photography in der Hofstattgasse 23, A-1180 Wien. 

The Exhibition is a retrospective of our work with .ditiramb so far and a great opportunity to meet the organizers and friends related to the Encounters projects in Vienna. For more details look at http://www.ditiramb.org/ and http://www.zigutamve-photography.at/. The exhibition will close on the 24th December 2017


Film Screening with Mario Biagini and The Open Program

Date: 12th December 2017
Location: Polnisches Institut, Am Gestade 7, 1010 Wien
Time: 7pm
Fee: Voluntary admission
Language: English (translation into Polish on demand)
Please register under: 01/533 89 61

The Politics of Community. 
Public Lecture by Mario Biagini

What is the political potential of art? What is the political responsibility of artists?

If art is a footnote to the present, it is already outdated. As artists we not only have the obligation to create something meaningful, but to create something that is ahead of its time, based on intensive research and on what we can call creative or artistic intuition.

This is why direct contact with people is essential. You do not get a sense of the Zeitgeist by merely reading, or investigating social media. You actually have to be in the streets. By seeing how people interact, how they look, how they behave with each other in different spaces and circumstances. And if you really allow yourself to see what is happening right now, you may be frightened. Because basically we are conditioned to ignore each other.

In the past it was considered an insult to turn the back at somebody. Today we do this all the time without noticing. The other is not important to us, or he or she are important to us only inasmuch as they are means to our own private happiness. Thus, we sink in a world of imagination and alienation. 

But a healthy political body needs recognition of the other, needs the support of active individuals who take initiative. I see theatre as an art of creating contexts of human interaction. We can say that by creating the conditions for perceiving the other, we create the basis for effective political action. 

Date: 13th December 2017
Location: HS C, Institute of cultural and social anthropology (KSA), NIG, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien, 4th floor.
Time: 5pm
Fee:Voluntary admission
Language: English, (translation into German on demand)

Open Choir

The Open Choir is an exploration of what we consider a forgotten art form, which allows for fluid and active participation by all who attend. It is a free and open event, where everyone is gently invited to take part. This unique, non-sectarian meeting of people through songs of the African diaspora, carefully led by a trained core group of artists, allows people to come in contact with each other and with themselves through songs, dance, and interaction within a participatory context. Participants, coming from different backgrounds, co-create an artwork beyond cultural and social differences, catalyzing a shared space of meaningful recognition and interaction.

The Open Choir creates a possibility to bring people from different socio-economic backgrounds into a space and a time beyond cultural and/or linguistic borders; to create a safe space to experience care for encounter and action together.

Date: 14th December 2017
Location: tba
Time: 7pm 
Fee: Voluntary admission
Language: English, Spanish, Creole, Yoruba

Dark Is My Mother 

A developing work by the women of the Open Program

Dark Is My Mother is a serious and playful homage to the diverse manifestations of the ancient and powerful tradition of popular myth related to a feminine entity. It explores the tradition of women's gatherings and women's communities, it opens to a world where women’s play, imaginations, memories and temptations are woven into song, dance and praising.

Dark Is My Mother is a contemporary reply to these myths, and bears within itself the seeds of the surging humanity of our days, a humanity that enriches itself by continuing to blend elements of diverse origins. It is a vision, conjugated in the feminine, of how living traditions can reappear and renew themselves, brought together by the migrant humanity of our times.

Date: 15th December 2017
Location: Lalish Theater Labor, Gentzgasse 62, 1180 Wien
Time: 7.30 pm 
Fee: €18 
Reservation recommended. Please write to ditirambi@gmail.com or call 004369915071055 
Language: English


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