Italian Premiere of “The Underground: a Response to Dostoevsky” in Florence, Italy

This year The Underground: a Response to Dostoevsky will have its Italian Premiere at Teatro della Pergola, Florence. Thomas Richards directs this new creation of the Focused Research Team in Art as Vehicle, in which different approaches to theatre, never before explored in Richards’ work, come together with Art as vehicle. After a world premiere in Edinburgh, Scotland and subsequent presentations in Poland and Hungary, The Underground: a Response to Dostoevsky is brought to Italian audiences at Teatro della Pergola on November 2nd and 3rd, 2017.

Dates: November 2nd and 3rd, 2017 – 20:45
Location: Teatro della Pergola – Via della Pergola 30, Firenze
*The performance will be in English with subtitles in Italian.

The Underground: a Response to Dostoevsky

Directed by Thomas Richards
Assistant Director: Cécile Richards
With members of the Focused Research Team in Art as Vehicle

A hidden territory exists buried within each of us, an underground graveyard where non-lived needs, actions and reactions reside, fermenting. It’s as if death has arrived at our doorstep unannounced. How has he seeped into our lives, his formless shadow deviating us from our deepest wishes? Has life slipped from our hands? And, if we have become a corpse incarnate, can a crack form in our coffin lid? Here, tonight, Dostoevsky’s reflections sound out as a weapon, striking back against that which stifles transformation. Fragments of Notes from the Underground and The Brothers Karamazov swirl and intermingle as boundaries between theatrical approaches are tested. Dostoevsky’s analysis of the human psyche meets the performing arts research of the Workcenter. A battle ensues which gives birth to an event that embodies narrative, comedy, grotesque and Art as vehicle. Is it possible to rid ourselves of that force which engulfs us daily and constitutes a redirecting of our destiny? Can we alter a plan nature has etched within us, and deviate from the habitual to uncover that which exists within, as if already defined, yet which remains until now unlived?
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