Electric Party Songs

Electric Party Songs is a flow of poetry in song and action, performed in different spaces and contexts: in bars, night clubs, hospitals, private homes, courtyards or gardens, in an informal and crowded context or in a space with a more intimate character, inviting and welcoming the spectators into close proximity to the center of the action.

Every presentation of Electric Party Songs proposes a different selection and succession of performing materials, giving life each time to a unique and surprising encounter. Electric Party Songs’ materials and actions are drawn from a deep well of materials created by the Open Program’s members. Some of the actions and the musical compositions that are utilized in Electric Party Songs are based on poetic texts by Allen Ginsberg, others are stemming from the work on songs of tradition of the South of the United States, a work that explores the ways these songs can trigger performative processes and their potentialities of catalyzing contacts and interactions.

How can this meeting – which can take the form of a recognizing each other, a flash of remembering, a sense of familiarity – – flow among the people present there and transform the quality of the space among them? When this content is shared, how do human relationships change?

Poetic texts by Allen Ginsberg; Music by Open Program of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards; Coordinated by Mario Biagini. For the Allen Ginsberg texts, Copyright © by the Allen Ginsberg Trust, used with permission of The Wylie Agency LLC.