The mission of Workcenter/Americas, a project carried forward within the framework of the Workcenter, is to enhance and renew the legacy of Jerzy Grotowski in the United States through a vibrant and active engagement with the audiences, artists, scholars, students and communities of the Americas.

Building on the immense interest generated by the film screenings, talks, symposia and workshops conducted by Richards and Biagini as well as performances of the Workcenter’s two teams, presented in the United States, Workcenter/Americas is working to develop wide-ranging and comprehensive programming, establishing a strong presence of the Workcenter in the United States.

Performance and Research

Workcenter/Americas brings the performance work of both Workcenter teams to the United States. The presentation of the work of both teams is inextricably bound to their ongoing performance research, which probes the boundaries between the performative and quotidian, and explores the potentialities of performing in a variety of contexts – be they cultural, socio-political, artistic or spatial. Workcenter/Americas facilitates the performance research of both teams, by creating unique and non-traditional performance opportunities.


Workcenter/Americas is developing long-term partnerships with a consortium of American institutions and universities giving young theatre students in the United States unprecedented access to knowledge and approaches present in Grotowski’s late work, whose unique practical understanding was grasped by Richards and Biagini through direct and long-term exposure. Moreover, Workcenter/Americas, working in collaboration with various academic institutions and departments in the Americas, explores new paradigms of performance pedagogy stemming from the methods of embodied research developed by Grotowski and the Workcenter teams.

Workcenter/Americas Studio

Workcenter/Americas is in the process of creating a Studio, in the form of an extended network of pedagogic action that spreads out throughout the Americas, offering short and long-term workshops, training programs, work demonstrations, master classes, artists’ exchanges, as well as public dialogues with artists, scholars and performance researchers. Another aspect of Workcenter/Americas’ activities will be the formation of a Studio modelled on the Russian studio system, which will be comprised of small teams of actors who will train, conduct research, as well as develop and perform new work under the guidance of Richards and Biagini.

Publication and Archive

Workcenter/Americas will facilitate the translation and publication of the entirety of the written work of Jerzy Grotowski. The English-language translation of the collected works of Grotowski will be published by Routledge. Workcenter/Americas will also create the first and only Grotowski Archive in the Western Hemisphere.