Pedagogy and Outreach

A main facet of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards’ work is the exploration of the meaningful ways in which the theory and praxis developed at the Workcenter can circulate within the context of a larger cultural community.


These practical work sessions intended for actors and directors are conducted by Thomas Richards and/or Mario Biagini and/or members of the Workcenter team. Workshops focus on developing acting and singing skills, directing capacities, techniques of montage and dramaturgic development.

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Conferences are conducted by both Richards and Biagini, who present and analyze various elements of Workcenter research. Discussions are often complemented by screened fragments of documentary footage from various phases of Workcenter performing arts research. These Conferences are often followed by an open discussion with the audience.


Over the course of its history, the Workcenter has chosen to document many of its performance events at critical points in their development. Screenings of these films allow an exclusive glimpse into the Workcenter’s performance praxis and history. Usually, the film or video is introduced either by Thomas Richards or Mario Biagini. These screenings are frequently done in conjunction with conferences (see above) and after the showing of such material, a dialogue is often held with those present.


The Workcenter is in active dialogue with professionals from academic and scientific institutions and organizations from around the world. Richards, Biagini and Workcenter team members participate in seminars that address issues such as the Workcenter practice, the Grotowski legacy and other proposed topics. Such dialogic encounters offer scholars the opportunity to analyze the Workcenter research from historical, cultural, anthropological and philosophical perspectives in dialogue with the Workcenter team members.


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